Our History

undefined After 160+ years, C. H. Guenther & Son shows few signs of advanced age, other than the beard on the founder’s picture on Pioneer brand products and the ancient mementos spread throughout his old home beside the mill in San Antonio, Texas and in the foyer of the corporate headquarters next door.

Today’s C. H. Guenther & Son executives have no flowing beards. They fly in jet planes to distant subsidiaries and talk of product development, brand recognition and strategic plans. The loud splash of water forcing creaking machinery to turn stones that spit out ground grain gave way long ago to the hum of rows of automated machines transforming grain from raw kernels into packaged products without the touch of human hands. Even the original focus on milling has been tempered with production of increasingly popular prepackaged frozen foods.

When Carl Hilmar Guenther (the name is still pronounced GEN-thur) left his native Saxony at the age of 22 to cross the ocean in search of opportunity, he ended up living the American dream. He spent time in several areas of the United States before arriving in Texas in 1851, then eight years later refined his choice for a permanent milling operation from the German community of Fredericksburg to the larger town of San Antonio. There he prospered. By the time of his death in 1902, Guenther could see that the company he built on the Texas frontier had a good chance of continuing successfully through the next generation and beyond. As, indeed, the company has.

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