Michael's Cookies is much more than the delightful treats that have made them a worldwide favorite

At Michael's Cookies, we're committed to delivering the essence of gourmet luxury to every cookie enthusiast. From luxury hotels to full-service restaurants, our cookies have graced the tables of elite venues around the globe. We take immense pride in our heritage, which began over 50 years ago, and uphold the art of cookie-making to the highest standards. Every bite of a Michael's Cookie is a testament to our dedication to quality, ensuring that they always taste like they've been freshly baked at home. Whether it's our ready-to-bake cookie dough, baked cookies, or other delectable dessert offerings, the promise of unparalleled taste and authenticity remains unwavering. We've been crafting bakery fresh goodness with passion and precision for over half a century, and it's evident in every morsel.

One taste is all it takes to understand why Michael's Cookies has been a cherished name in gourmet desserts for decades.

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