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Corporate-wide Green Team Debut

July 17, 2020

On July 16, 2020, CHG held its first corporate-wide Green Team meeting.  The Green Team is a cross-facility volunteer group working to promote a sustainability culture at CHG and its facilities.  We had 18 members in a virtual meeting, sharing ambitious... READ MORE

Pancakes Rule!

July 16, 2020

Always nice to be at the top of a Best Of list.  The San Antonio Express-News lists The Guenther House restaurant as the best place for pancakes.  We beat out local favorite Jim's and the fanciful Meemo's Bakery.  The reviewer said that our breakfast... READ MORE

New Products keeping the doors open

July 2, 2020

Read this article in Deli Market News featuring our own Erica Elliot, Senior Marketing Manager.  The article talks about strategies to help our customers in an increasing digital world.  Erica shares new offerings and strong optimism in all we at CHG... READ MORE

CEO highlights CHG’s core values in wake of US protests

June 23, 2020

Dale Tremblay, CEO of CHG, wrote against the "tragic and senseless death of George Floyd."  In a letter to associates, he says we must "recognize that these protests are not only about George Floyd's senseless death, but about the larger issues of ongoing... READ MORE