C.H. Guenther & Son was founded on a passion for and commitment to building lasting relationships and innovating remarkable food solutions.

Our beginnings were built upon a reputation for being ethical, honest and responsible. Through the decades, we’ve stayed true to those attributes while expanding to stay at the forefront of food innovation. Since the Guenther family first opened for business in 1851, we have been making purposeful advancements to grow our company and ensure our partners' success.

Making meal occasions
remarkable since 1851.


Carl Hilmar Guenther builds a flour mill
near Fredericksburg, Texas.

A historical illustration of lumber mill

Threatened by a new steam mill in Fredericksburg,
Carl Hilmar Guenther sells his mill to his father-in-law, purchases a site in the more promising town of San Antonio, and builds a home nearby.

historical illustration of a man on a horse by an old water-powered flour mill

Capacity increases with construction of a second mill.


Steel rollers begin replacing millstones to grind grain,
allowing greater control and greater production.
Other new technology to be implemented included
steam power and the latest sifting equipment.


C.H. Guenther & Son trademarks 12 new flour
brands, including “Texas Pioneer.” White Wings,
soon to be known as “La Paloma,” is also introduced.

A historical logo for Pioneer Flour Mills

A three-story steam-powered mill is added on
the San Antonio River site to replace the production
of the 1868 mill.


Erhard Guenther, Carl Hilmar Guenther's youngest son, becomes
president of Pioneer Flour Mills, how C.H. Guenther & Son
preferred to be known as at this point.


Financing is secured to begin doubling
Pioneer's production capacity over the next 10 years.


Introduction of Breakfast Treat wheat cereal marks
Pioneer’s entry into consumer convenience foods.

Historical shot of people gathered around a display of Pioneer biscuit mix in a grocery store

Pioneer biscuit mix success leads to a new building for prepared
mixes, soon including cake, pancake and cornmeal mixes.

Corporate logo for Pioneer brands, provider of various quality mixes for GH Guenther and Son

White Wings Flour Tortilla Mix is introduced
and becomes a fast-selling product.


Company begins marketing to foodservice
and restaurant industries.


After a two-year restoration of the C.H. Guenther home,
built beside the mill in 1859, the Guenther House opens
as a restaurant, store and museum.

A photograph of The Guenther House

Pioneer becomes the world’s first manufacturer of a
convenient nonround, resealable and reusable canister
for baking and biscuit mixes.

A historical photo of the Pioneer brand Buttermilk Biscuit and Baking mix packaging from the mid 90s.

White Wings Ready-to-Eat Flour Tortillas are introduced.



Pioneer Frozen Foods is established with the opening of a second frozen facility in Prosperity, South Carolina.

Pioneer manufacturing plant Dallas, TX

C.H. Guenther & Son becomes a key bun and muffin supplier for McDonald’s in Europe with the acquisition of three bakeries in the UK and Belgium.

Overhead of various artisanal buns on a cooking rack.

Morrison Milling Company, a long-time marketer and
manufacturer of grain-based products, is acquired.

Corporate logo for Morrison’s, a provider of various quality mixes, kits and cornmeal for CH Guenther and Son.

Williams Foods, a leading producer of dry seasoning
mixes and meal-enhancing products, is acquired.

Corporate logo for Williams, a provider of seasonings, chili mixes, taco mixes and more for CH Guenther and Son.

A new bun plant is acquired in the U.K. with the
acquisition of Trousdale Limited.


Pizza Blends acquisition strengthens
custom flour-blending capabilities.

Sliced pepperoni pizza served on a metal plate

Canadian bun manufacturing capabilities
are established with the acquisition of Golden West Baking and Les Boulangerie Rene.

A slice of cheesecake drizzled with blueberry sauce.

Tribeca Oven, manufacturer of frozen par-baked artisan breads, acquired.

Corporate logo for Tribeca Ovens Artisanal Bakers, a provider of quality buns, rolls and breads for CH Guenther and Son.
A close-up of a single loaf of artisanal bread

Plats Du Chef/Cuisine Adventures frozen meals and
snacks manufacturer, based in Montreal, is acquired.

Corporate logo for Cuisine Adventures, a provider of appetizers and soups for CH Guenther and Son.
Overhead view of 2 bowls of French onion soup

CookieTree Bakeries in Salt Lake City, UT is acquired, establishing capabilities for pre-baked and frozen cookies and desserts.


Mid South Baking Company, with locations in Texas and Mississippi,
and Wback GmbH with two locations in Germany, are acquired.

Corporate logo for Cookietree Bakeries, a provider of cookies and brownies for CH Guenther and Son. The corporate logo for Midsouth Baking Company Corporate logo for Wback bread and buns

Baldinger Bakeries, with capabilities for buns, rolls, bagels and specialty items, is acquired


Michael’s Cookies joins the CHG family with extended capabilities for cookies, brownies, and batters


C.H. Guenther expands operations in the U.K. with a new state of the art bakery facility in Coventry supporting our global environmental and sustainability commitments.

Mi Rancho joins the CHG family bringing old world traditions together with innovative technology to deliver the highest quality tortillas, chips, wraps and salsas.

Helping shape the future of food.

Today, with our dynamic leadership, we’re making sure the path to our mutual success is paved for decades to come. We continue to expand our capabilities across the globe and to collaborate with top names in the industry.