Our Workforce strategic area of focus represents our commitment to our people.

We strive to make C.H. Guenther & Son an environment where every employee feels comfortable coming to work each day.

Employee Resource Groups

At CHG, we have seven dedicated Employee Resource Groups. Our ERGs are open groups that are aligned with goals that help support employee engagement and growth. These groups are especially important to us as a company because they give our employees a platform for representation, for sharing thoughts & ideas, and for making a positive change in our organizations.

Our ERGs

black erg logo

The mission of the Black Employee Resource Group is to provide a safe space to learn, increase understanding, elevate voices, and raise diversity awareness of CHG employees to promote full equity, inclusion, and recognition.

canada erg logo

Our mission is to make DEI our way of doing business. We will begin the journey by establishing an inclusive culture, creating awareness through education, and developing connections.

hispanic erg logo

The Hispanic ERG will broaden the horizons of all our CHG associates and will contribute to the creation of an inclusive and supportive environment that reflects CHG's Core Values through Cross Cultural Education, Mentoring, and Community Outreach efforts.

nextgen erg logo

Support the development and success of the next generational talent while providing an inclusive culture within the organization.

prism erg logo

To promote and foster an inclusive CHG environment that supports the LGBTQ+ and allies through networking, outreach & learning events so all CHG employees feel a sense of belonging, equality, and safety.

veteran erg logo

To cultivate an inclusive environment that supports and encourages all Veterans in professional and personal development through connection, mentorship, collaboration, and community outreach to Veteran groups. Provide insight for non-veterans about the valuable assets that Veterans bring to the workplace.

women erg logo

Cultivate an inclusive environment that supports and encourages women in personal and professional development through connection, mentorship, collaboration, and discussion.

Lunch & Learn

Find out what goes on in one of our monthly Lunch and Learns!

Check out our February event hosted by our Black ERG, titled "A Conversation with the Black ERG."

Our DEI Newsletter

dei summer newsletter


Read about inclusive disability language, interviews with associates and senior leadership, and our Haitian Heritage and Pride celebrations.

dei fall newsletter


Read about cultural competency during the holidays, Fall ERG activities, media recommendations, and a Guenther House recipe!

dei spring newsletter


Read about our newest Diversity awards, big ERG events, and fun education on underrepresented history.

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