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A freshly cooked cheeseburger served on a brioche bun with fresh lettuce, onion slices and tomato slices.

C.H. Guenther & Son carries a proud legacy of innovation, collaboration, and the finest products and brands.

Look to our history, our core values and our expanding portfolio as evidence of our continued commitment to helping ensure every meal occasion is remarkable.


Innovation is in our DNA. Our heritage of being pioneers has endured and grown for over 165 years. We continually expand our capabilities and keep our focus on developing products that help drive our customers’ success. We look to the future by investing globally in the people and facilities that keep us at the front of food innovation.

Our Products


At the core of our enduring legacy is our collaborative spirit ⏤ a customer-care model of multiple touchpoints. Our passionate dedication to knowing and understanding your goals and challenges is unmatched. Through this commitment to collaboration, we’ve built our reputation and ensured lasting partnerships for over 165 years.

Our Customers


We offer a wide portfolio of quality foods that continues to expand in response to ever-changing consumer demands and evolving trends. Our vast array of brands and products helps enhance at-home and away-from-home meal occasions for any daypart.

Our Brands