Earth Day isn’t just for the birds

April 22, 2021

April 22 – Earth Day – marks the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Since then, in response to grassroots movements, governments worldwide have taken steps to protect and restore the environment. Some examples include:

  • In 1972, when the U.S. banned the toxic pesticide DDT, the American Bald Eagle had fewer than 487 nesting pairs. DDT harms the fish at our favorite fishing holes and even is carcinogenic to us. The U.S. made it illegal to harm mature eagles, chicks, eggs, and nests and listed them with the Endangered Species Act, protecting their habitats. Now we have 70,000 nesting pairs!
  • Belgium’s Living Planet Report has shown stable improvement for biodiversity over the past ten years.
  • Germany has a grassroots movement to save disappearing birds and bees – noting the vital connection between the two.
  • In the U.K., the Red Kite raptor has gone from a minimal population found only in Wales to 1600 breeding pairs throughout the U.K.
  • The Peregrine Falcon is no longer at risk in Canada thanks to the DDT phase-out and conservation efforts.

The collective efforts of individuals, countries, and companies have generated positive, tangible results for our environment. So, what is CHG doing to protect our environment?

  • We are entering our 3rd year collaborating with the Central Plains Wheat Program to promote farming that uses less pesticide, less water, satellite-driven precise growing cycles, and regenerates the soil.
  • We use sustainably sourced palm oil to combat staggering losses to deforestation and biodiversity in many of our products.
  • We have eight facilities spanning the U.K., Belgium, Canada, and the U.S. sending zero waste to landfills, and we are working on adding more.
  • We are reducing water, gas, and electric use per unit produced in pursuit of our 2025 Sustainability Goals.
  • Supporting our goal to reduce waste-to-landfill, your fellow employees started a pilot program to recycle facemasks and other PPE, ensuring their plastic stays out of our waters.

I am proud of our growing efforts to protect our environment and each other. We have much more we can do. Thank you for your ideas, your efforts, and your continued support of this journey.




Dale W. Tremblay

President and Chief Executive Officer